If you’ve visited the shop you’ve probably noticed the rows of sweet jars behind the till. Each jar has the name of one of our local schools on it. When you come in to the shop and buy from us, we’ll put a token into the jar of your school. So if you’ve a connection to a local school – maybe you have children or grandchildren there, or maybe you work there yourself for example – just let us know and we’ll add another token to that school’s jar. Each token is worth 50p and at the end of the academic year we count up all the tokens and give the school that amount in book tokens to boost their own school book-culture!

It relies on people knowing and spreading the word! So if you can help get a short paragraph into your school newsletter or Facebook group page about it, let us know and we’ll send you some wording and an image. The more people who know, the more book-money the schools will get!

PTA Info
If you would like to put this into your school newsletter, just lift the paragraph below and add in your school:

Every time you buy from our local independent bookshop, Kenilworth Books, they donate a token worth 50p toward buying books for our school.  We will collect book vouchers at the end of each academic year, and they will help us choose brilliant new books, or find books on subjects to fill the gaps in our school library. Spreading the word means that more donations will be made to our school – so tell your friends and help fill our library and enjoy shopping locally at the same time. Just mention ………. School at the till.