Craven Cluedo – a game and a distanced book-signing!

To celebrate the publication of his new crime thriller The Curator, Mike Craven has created for us a little game of Cludeo….

Here’s how it works:

Starting on 4th June (which is publication day) we will be posting one clue a day. You need to find the answer to each clue and take the first letter. When you have all 10 clues answered, unscramble the letters and email us the answer (make sure you put #CravenCluedo in the email subject!!!). The email is – before 15th June. We will chose a winner from all the correct answers.

The winner will get a £30 book token to spend at our shop (don’t worry if you live the other end of the country, we can take orders by phone or email and post out to you free of charge in the UK – or you can have a browse of the signed and special edition books on our website!).

If you’d like to order signed-bookplated copies of The Curator you can do so here – and if you’d like a dedication, Mike will be signing bookplates and doing dedications on 26th June. Don’t forget to tell us what dedication you’d like when you order. ORDER HERE

Check back here for new clues each day….


Join us for a game of #CravenCluedo 10 clues, 10 days – take the first letter of each answer & unscramble. £30 book token to be won – anyone can take part but the prize will be UK only.


Clue 1. The CWA Gold Dagger-winning novel The Puppet Show involves a killer who immolates his victims in some of Cumbria’s 63 stolen circles. This stone circle, arguably the most atmospheric and dramatically sited of all the British Stone Circles, has views of Helvellyn as a backdrop.


Clue 2. This (infamous) poison has been used by the KGB to kill defectors, including an assassination in London using a modified umbrella. It was often talked about, but not used until the final episode, in Breaking Bad. It is also one of the poisons used in Poe 5, The Botanist.


Clue 3. Almost certainly brought over by the Vikings in the 9th century, this Hardy breed of sheep is synonymous with fell farming, the Lake District and Beatrix Potter.


Clue 4. The start of Black Summer, the second Poe book, details a chef preparing a barbaric and highly illegal meal – the drowning of a small songbird in brandy before it is roasted and eaten whole. What is the name of the unfortunate bird?


Clue 5. Avison Fluke, the detective inspector from MW Craven’s first series, has a log cabin overlooking this lake. It is also the lake William Wordsworth was walking around when, on seeing a ‘host of golden daffodils’, was inspired to write ‘I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud’.


Clue 6. 1000 feet above sea level, high in the North Pennines, this town claims to be the highest market settlement in England. It is also the town that, in Black Summer, Elizabeth Keaton fled to after claiming she’d escaped her abductor.


Poe’s English Springer Spaniel shares a first name with this Boston-born American author. He penned many poems and short stories, including Poe’s favourite, ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’.


Thursday 11th June. Detective Inspector Avison Fluke has his cancer treatment at this famous Newcastle Hospital, and Poe’s friend, the ‘Pathologist Grim’, Estelle Doyle, works from their morgue. Frequently shortened to its initials, the hospital was built on ten acres of the Town Moor and was opened by King Edward VII in 1906.

Although Poe described it as looking like a ‘local authority office,’ this theatre, on the shores of Derwentwater, was hailed by The Independent as the “most beautifully located and friendly theatre in Britain”. It hosts the Words by the Water literature festival each year and one of the key scenes in The Puppet Show took place there

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Poe’s sidekick, and everyone’s favourite socially awkward data analyst, shares her first name with one of Sydney’s most feared organised crime bosses. She was involved in the sly-grog, razor gangs and prostitution, and her life inspired the Peter Kenna play, The slaughter of St Teresa’s Day.


  1. Castlerigg
  2. Ricin
  3. Herdwick Sheep
  4. Orlotan bunting
  5. Ullswater
  6. Alston
  7. Edgar
  8. RVI (Royal Victoria Infirmary)
  9. Theatre by the Lake
  10. Tilly

Unscrambled – The Curator