MANIFESTO: ON NEVER GIVING UP by Bernardine Evaristo

MANIFESTO: ON NEVER GIVING UP by Bernardine EvaristoManifesto by Bernardine Evaristo
ISBN: 9780241534991
on November 4, 2021
MANIFESTO: ON NEVER GIVING UP by Bernardine Evaristo will be published by Hamish Hamilton in hardback on October 7th, 2021 – SIGNED COPY £14.99

Bernardine Evaristo’s 2019 Booker win – the first by a Black woman — was a revolutionary moment both for British culture and for her. After over three decades as a trailblazing writer, teacher and activist, she moved from the margins to centre stage, taking her place in the spotlight at last. Her journey was a long one, but she made it, and she made history. 

 MANIFESTO is Bernardine Evaristo’s intimate and inspirational, no-holds-barred account of how she did it, refusing to let any barriers stand in her way. She charts her creative rebellion against the mainstream and her life-long commitment to the imaginative exploration of ‘untold’ stories. And drawing deeply on her own experiences, she offers a vital contribution to current conversations around social issues such as race, class, feminism, sexuality and aging. 

 This is a unique book about staying true to yourself and to your vision. It’s about how to be unstoppable – in your craft, your work, your life. It is Bernardine Evaristo’s manifesto for never giving up.

The first non-fiction book from the Booker prize winning Bernardine Evaristo