Book Fair


We know how important reading for pleasure is to a great educational environment. We can help encourage reading by giving young students in our local schools a choice of the best writing and illustration today through one of our Virtual School Book Fairs. The lists are updated regularly with the BEST new titles coming out for all ages; a diverse range of books from great publishers too – there’s far more out there than you’ll find on supermarket shelves! The families get a discount on all titles available to order, and the school gets 10% back of the total order in book tokens, so they can buy more books for the school! Check out just a few of the most popular titles in our latest book fairs below.

Want to find out more about how it works? We can organise this in a way that suits your school – you can send home printed information, or we can enable your families to order online. Drop us a note to and we’ll send you our latest Book Fair list and talk you through how it works.