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Authors in Schools

What better way to encourage reading and a love of books among your students than to invite an inspiring speaker to come and see them? An author visit is a great investment in education – it will be powerfully inspiring and can give you the tools and material for many weeks’ worth of activities and study. But where to start?! The first step is finding the right author for your school. We’re happy to chat and link you to others (either to authors directly, or to Authors Aloud) to make the right booking. We can also support you on book sales and on-the-day organisation.  To find out more email

Occasionally we are able to offer author visits at no cost to the school when the author is on promotional tour for the publisher. For your school to have this opportunity we need to know that we can get hold of a decision maker quickly, and that the school will be fully supportive and pro-active in book sales and organisation. This is an extremely valuable resource, so we need to know that the school we work with is able to really make the most of it.

If an author visit isn’t something your school has done before, we’d love you to find out more about how brilliant author visit can be for supporting learning. This article in the Times Educational Supplement (TES) was written by our booksellers, Tamsin Rosewell, and former Warwickshire Assistant Head Teacher, Debbie Texeira: Deborah J Texeira and Tamsin Rosewell | Tes Magazine

See below a selection of the books of authors we have taken into schools recently…