A Perfect Ending and Other Stories by Vivien Varga


These stories reach out: to embrace, beckon, invite! Such diverse themes are ever-present to explore, relate to, empathise with, as you accompany characters on their personal journeys, and experience vicariously their struggles, hopes and dreams. Happy tales present idyllic life-styles in Mediterranean settings, of love, adventure and self-discovery. Floating Romans occupy the sitting -room; poltergeists disturb your serenity in an old, haunted house.

Fulfilment, belonging and peace are found in an Art Gallery; and a perilous boat journey in turbulent waters will provide trepidation and suspense. The presence of animals creates harmony, healing; the isolation suffered due to mental health issues, as well as coping with speech disorders and bullying, will arouse your compassion. It’s all there in these fast-moving tales, which you can dip in and out of at your leisure.

Local Author Vivien Varga will be joining us on the 13th May, 10.30am-1.30pm for a Saturday Signing!