Bloody Kenilworth: Historic True Crime Walking Guidebook


A new pocket-sized illustrated walking guidebook by local true crime historian Adam Wood, giving step by step directions to visit more than a dozen locations around Kenilworth where misdeeds were committed between 1790 and 1928, with true crime tales from the turn’s grim history on almost every corner.



Learn how the former caretaker of the Kenilworth Baths on Abbey Fields, bristling with resentment over his dismissal, made sure his successor met a watery end; how a one-armed man became one of the earliest motor fatalities when he was struck by a speeding driver outside the Royal Oak, and what happened when a drunken cyclist was annoyed when the lamplighter extinguished the last light on Warwick Road one dark night in 1910.

This walk on the dark side of the streets can be taken at your own pace. The clear directions and map included in the guidebook allow the reader to take the full tour in one go, or two distinct parts.

£10.00. To be published 8 September 2023.