Europia by Anthony Etherington


Caradea, Eastern Europe, Spring 2030. Marta Ionescu, thirty-four and single, lives alone on the run-down Goval estate. She has good friends, a secure job and runs a popular youth club.

But with her elderly mother growing increasingly fragile and her boyfriend, Arpad, frequently absent and drinking heavily, Marta’s optimism is fading fast. Worse, she has discovered a series of photographs that suggest Arpad might be involved in sex-trafficking. Her dream of settling down and having children in limbo, Marta decides to look elsewhere for the husband of her dreams.

But Arpad does not take his rejection kindly and when Marta agrees to help newly widowed Michael Brancusi with his troubled teenage daughter Steffi, she sets off a chain of events that threatens the people and things she loves and, ultimately, her own life.


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