Falling Animals by Sheila Armstrong – JULY 24


ISBN: 9781526635877

Publication Date: 4 Jul 2024

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

The disquieting story of an unidentified man as told by those who crossed paths with him on the last day of his life, Sheila Armstrong’s debut novel is haunting, lyrical and darkly suspenseful.

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On an isolated, windswept beach, a pale figure sits serenely against a sand dune staring out to sea. His hands are folded neatly in his lap and there is a faint smile on his otherwise lifeless face. After months of fruitless investigation, the nameless stranger is buried in an unmarked grave, but the mystery of his life and death lingers on, drawing the nearby villagers into its wake.

From strandings to shipwrecks, it is not the first time that strangeness has washed up on their shores. As a chorus of voices come together to unravel the story of one man, alone on a beach, a crosshatched portrait begins to emerge, threaded by lives both true and imagined, real and surreal, past and present.

Reader Reviews

‘Beautifully written and gently catches the reader with its meditative prose and deep humanity’

‘Such a beautiful book’

‘Gorgeous wild setting and achingly recognisable characters’


‘Vivid, sensuous … A subtle tale of loss, loneliness and disconnection’PAUL LYNCH, IRISH INDEPENDENT

‘Lush, lyrical and cleverly-constructed. A beautiful book’LOUISE KENNEDY

‘Beautifully written … An unchained sea-melody of outsiders, pilgrims and castaways’ANNE ENRIGHT

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