Fletcher and the Summer Show by Julia Rawlinson


As summer begins, the wood comes alive with new sounds, but without a distinctive one of her own to join in with, Rabbit feels left out. With the help of his friends, Fletcher decides to put on a show where everyone’s talents can shine. The second of four Fletcher titles themed around the passing seasons.

SIGNED COPY by local author Julia Rawlinson.


‘These books are simply marvelous. Not only encouraging young children in genuine appreciation of the nature, they also encourage empathy, understanding and a desire to help each other. Evocative, gentle, a joy to look at and filled with wonder.’ Fallen Star Stories

Combining emotive, lyrical storytelling with an engagement with nature, the adventures of Fletcher coincide with the characteristics of the four seasons, inspired directly by author Julia Rawlinson’s experiences with her own children and their inquisitiveness about nature.

The character and book series have been widely used in educational settings as a springboard for exploration of language, illustration, storytelling, friendship and the natural world.

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