In My Stride: Lessons learned through life and adventure by Helen Skelton


ISBN: 9781035410637 /SIGNED COPY

Publication Date: 12th October 2023 / Pre order your hard copy now

Countryfire presenter and Strictly star Helen Skelton shows us how getting out in nature and putting one foot in front of the other can help us journey back to ourselves.








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In My Stride explores the lessons Helen has learned through life and adventure, sharing how getting out in nature can help us heal, grow, and find the resilience to move through challenging times in our lives.  It tells stories of finding confidence, authenticity, courage, resilience, acceptance, community, and freedom against the backdrop of life’s peaks and troughs and through the power of the natural world.

Helen Skelton is no stranger to doing hard things, from kayaking the entire length of the Amazon to competing in a boxing match for Sports Relief. Her ability to dig deep and find the inner strength and to carry on no matter the challenge – physical, mental, or emotional – is nothing short of remarkable. Helen grew up on a farm in Cumbria and credits her deep connection with nature and family for grounding her throughout the experiences in her life.