Marika : Based on a True Story by Vivien Varga


Marika is a captivating and fast-moving story which transports the reader through time: from past to present; childhood to adulthood; from peace to war and sorrow to happiness. Interwoven are the tales of a mother, Berta, and her daughter, Marika. A count chooses love of a commoner over status.

Local Author Vivien Varga will be joining us on the 13th May, 10.30am-1.30pm for a Saturday Signing!



After a tragic death we learn of the transportation of a baby from her mother in Hungary to grandparents in Austria and a privileged life awaiting her. Years later, in 1907, Berta’s story starts shortly before her journey back to Hungary. In 1929 we first meet Marika, a young child aged five, living on the family farm in Hungary.

Her capers at school and exploits with friends and family draw us into her life there. Later, in her teenage years, we see sorrow strike with the tragic death of her mother. The narrative turns to wartime and a harrowing flight through occupied Hungary into Austria.

This story is an ever-evolving painting of life, through hardship and uncertainty to romance and hope. After marriage there follows a journey to England. But will Marika finally find peace and a new home?