Midland Red Influence by Ashley Wakelin


Midland Red Influence is Ashley Wakelin’s new follow-up and companion book to Inside Midland Red. This is a new and fascinating high quality Midland Red book. Like the earlier book it has two parts. Part One delves further into the history of Midland Red, including its origins, its vehicle design, and its pioneering use of pneumatic tyres and computers. Part Two covers the author’s 50 years in the bus and coach industry, and follows on from his time working for Midland Red that was covered in the second part of Inside Midland Red.


The spirit of Midland Red and much more!

Midland Red history, and the author’s entertaining tales of his 50 years in the bus and coach industry – all influenced by Midland Red.

The ideal follow-up book to Inside Midland Red.

Ashley’s 50 years experience in the UK’s bus and coach industry have been wide and varied, starting from a career with his beloved Midland Red as it changed from BMMO through MROC to Midland Red South. He has also worked in the independent sector, had a spell in the planning and transportation department of a county council, and has had over seventy buses and coaches pass through his hands since the age of 16. He is a an avid enthusiast of everything Midland Red!