Our Fair Lily by Rosie Goodwin SIGNED


ISBN: 9781804183045

The first book in the brand-new Flower Girls collection.  Nuneaton, 1875. Lily Moon, the local miner’s daughter, spends her days as a parlour maid for Lord and Lady Bellingham at Oakley Manor, on the outskirts of Nuneaton. She’s always been happy with her lot in life, and never expected more. Could she dare to believe she could be more than just a parlour maid?




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But one day, everything changes when she temporarily becomes lady’s maid to the Bellingham’s daughter, Arabella, who is pregnant with an illegitimate child. When Arabella suddenly disappears and Lily is left holding the baby, it is only Arabella’s brother, the handsome son and heir of the estate, who shows any interest in the child. Soon a friendship forms between him and Lily.

Or, perhaps more than a friendship if the village gossips are to be believed . . .

When Lily is called to Paris to try to bring Arabella home to her family, a new opportunity emerges which could change her life forever. Could Lily dare to believe that she could be more than just a parlour maid?