The Curio Collectors by Eloise Williams


ISBN:  9781800902008
Barrington Stoke – SuperReadable

Lily and Tom travel the county with Ma Hawker, enthralling crowds with their amazing collection of curios. Always on the lookout for new wonders, Lily is tricked into buying a worthless bag of rubbish. But hidden within is a special piece of scrimshaw. A young woman called Flora Meriweather is desperate to buy the scrimshaw, hoping it can help her solve a mystery surrounding her late mother. But someone else also wants to get his hands on the scrimshaw and ensure that secrets stay hidden in the past. Can the Curio Collectors help the truth come to light?



Barrington Stoke is a small, independent and award-winning children’s publisher. For 25 years they’ve been pioneering super-readable, dyslexia-friendly fiction to help every child become a reader. From their specially designed font to the colour of their paper, accessibility is at the heart of everything they do.