The Glass Woman by Caroline Lea – MAY


ISBN: 9781405934619

1686, Iceland. A cold, windswept land where they talk of witches and fear strangers . . .  A mysterious and captivating tale of love, fear and superstition.

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Join us on Tuesday 20th June at 6.30pm at the Priory Theatre where Caroline Lea will be in conversation with her editor Jillian Taylor. We will be talking about her new book Prize Women and there will be lots of time for questions! Tickets available here.


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When Rosa is betrothed to Jon Eiriksson, she is sent to a remote village. There she finds a man who refuses to speak of his recently deceased first wife, and villagers who view her with suspicion. Isolated and disturbed by her husband’s strange behaviour, her fears deepen.

What is making the strange sounds in the attic? Who does the mysterious glass figure she is given represent? And why do the villagers talk of the coming winter darkness in hushed tones?