The Knight is Young – by Neville Armstrong


Guy of Warwick is a legendary 10th Century hero who battles monsters and foes to become worthy of marrying Felice, the Earl of Warwick’s Daughter.

The tale is an adventurous love story that has been told and retold throughout the Middle Ages and in its time, rivalled other British legends such as Robin Hood and King Arthur.

The latest telling of Guy’s story is from Neville Armstrong, a local author who has written the ‘Guy of Warwick’ trilogy that brings the ancient legend back to life.

The first book in the series is ‘The Knight is Young’ and covers Guy’s early years.



Sir Guy of Warwick is one of Britain’s most famous legendary Knights, and his exploits stond alongside the tales of king Arthur and Robin Hood.  The story is that of a peasant, who through great chivalrous deeds, rises to greatness for the love of the Earl of Warwick’s daughter.  The legend has been passed down through the ages to be told once more.