The Storm Child by Gabriela Houston SIGNED


ISBN: 9781915235534

Pre-order for publication on 4th May 2023

The epic conclusion in The Wind Child duology.

Who would you become to save someone you love?

Mara, the granddaughter of the God of Winter Winds, had her human soul ripped out for defying the laws of gods and men… A year on, she and her shape-shifting friend Torniv are on the run from Koschei the Deathless, who will stop at nothing to destroy them.

The two friends will have to face their past and decide how far they’re willing to go to keep each other safe. And in the world of Slavic monsters and gods, there is always a price to pay…


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Cover illustration by Alexis Snell.

“The Wind Child will delight dedicated readers who like their fiction infused with timeless magic.” – Love Reading 4 Kids

“Packed with a colourful Slavic cast of tempestuous gods and frightening monsters, The Wind Child is above all a story about friendship, and how far you would go and what you would sacrifice to avoid saying goodbye to someone you love.” – Toppsta

“A fast paced and enthralling adventure story, with a huge amount of action and some strong and likeable characters”. – Books for Keeps

The Wind Child – first book in the duology available to order here.

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