BookTrust research shows that one in eight primary schools do not have a school library; and that number rises to one in four in deprived areas. When access to books, and reading for pleasure, has also been shown to be the single most important indicator of a child’s life chances (more important even than a family’s wealth!), it becomes very clear how important it is to support schools wishing to create a library space.

If your school doesn’t have a library or has one that urgently needs updating, we can put you in touch with the Sioban Dowd Trust and send you a link to the Foyle Foundation – both of which provide funding to help specifically with this. We can also support the staff whose task it is to build the library – a huge task in itself! – by giving you time with one of our booksellers to talk about titles, and also putting you in touch with Narnia Libraries, which supports Primary Schools in the creation of great libraries while on a tight budget and often in a small space.

There is help out there!

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