We’ve some brilliant news!

We are beyond delighted to say that we are finalists for Small Business of the Year at Touch FM – and they have also shortlisted us for the Customer Service Award!! We knew we were up for one award, but the other was a big surprise!

For Small Business of the Year in the Pride of Warwick District Awards, we have got a well-known event management company, an innovative digital marketing firm and an ingenious cycle recycler for company. We think it is brilliant that an independent bookshop is being recognised for its business success and approach to customer service. It is a great joy to see our name alongside these other companies – all so different and all contributing so much to the regional culture and economy, each in their own way.

The big award ceremony is in early September; sparkly dresses at the ready…

You can read more about the Pride of Warwick District Awards here: http://www.102touchfm.co.uk/pride-of-warwick-district/